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Thursday | 05 June 2008
Reg Tech
Interview with Reg Technologies's Chief Executive Officer,
Mr. John Robertson

Reg Technologies Inc.
1103-11871 Horseshoe Way
Richmond, BC V7A 5H5


Phone: 604-278-5996


John Robertson
President of REGI US and REG

James Vandeberg
Chief Financial Officer / President and Sole Director for RadMax Technologies, Inc.

Robert Grisar
Vice President of Engineering

Lynn Petersen
Vice President of Marketing

Brian Cherry
Vice President, Radmax™ Technology

Jennifer Lorette
Vice President, Administration

Robert Brooks

Reg Technologies Inc. and REGI U.S., Inc. are developing for commercialization an improved axial vane type rotary engine known as the Rand Cam™/RadMax® rotary technology used in the revolutionary design of lightweight and high efficiency engines, compressors and pumps. The RadMax® engine has only two unique moving parts, the vanes (up to 12) and the rotor, compared to the 40 moving parts in a simple four-cylinder piston engine. This innovative design makes it possible to produce up to 24 continuous power impulses per one rotation that is vibration-free and extremely quiet. The RadMax® engine also has multi-fuel capabilities allowing it to operate on fuels including gasoline, natural gas, hydrogen, propane and diesel.
REGI U.S., Inc. and its parent company, Reg Technologies Inc., are currently designing and testing prototype RadMax® diesel engines, compressors and pumps, intended for aviation, automotive, industrial processes and military applications. They are developing a multi-facet marketing plan to address global opportunities for their products. Relationships with technology partners and potential customers are currently being developed. They are entering the commercialization stage of their business.

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