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Tuesday | 06 May 2008
Bullion Monarch
Interview with Bullion Monarch's President and CEO,
Don Morris.

Bullion Monarch Mining Inc.
299 East 950 South
Orem, UT 84058

Phone: (801) 426-8111
Fax: (801) 426-8555
R. Don Morris
President and Chief Executive Officer

R. Don Morris has more than 40 years experience in most phases of natural resource development with broad emphasis in mining and extraction processes. He is a graduate geologist from Brigham Young University. He is also President and CEO of Bullion Monarch Mining and Chairman of the Board of EnShale Inc. (a subsidiary of Bullion Monarch Mining).

Rex L. Franson
Vice President

Rex L. Franson, Director, served for 25-plus years in general management in several industries. He spent 17 years in the automotive industry with American Motors and Chrysler. In 1994, he was elected an officer of Chrysler Corporation, serving as Vice President of Quality and Serviceability and President and C.O.O. of Chrysler Financial Corp.

Peter R. Passaro

Mr. Passaro graduated from The University of Connecticut with a degree in Political Science. Mr. Passaro has worked in the foundry business for the past 24 years. Past President and CEO of E&P Foundry. Mr. Passaro is experienced in the mining industry and currently serves on the Board of Directors of Bullion Monarch Mining.

Wayne E. Pearce
Vice President

Wayne E. Pearce, Vice President, Business Development, served for 30 years at Brigham Young University where he taught investments and corporate finance in Marriot School of Management. He also served as Vice President of a regional brokerage firm in security analysis specializing in the mining industry. Mr. Pearce was President and C.E.O. of International Metals and Energy and President and C.E.O. of Better Living Products.

James A. Morris
Director and Corporate Secretary

James A. Morris has been on the Board of Directors since 1992. He graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Business Finance. He currently is the managing partner of M&P Development, a real estate development company. He is also Branch Manager of Eagle Home Mortgage in Elko, Nevada. He was the President and CEO or Zephyr Gold Enterprises. Mr. Morris has owned and operated several businesses as well as doing outside financial consulting for start-up companies.

Bullion Monarch Mining Inc. (OTCBB: BULM) is a natural resource exploration and development company with a current focus on gold, silver and oil shale. The company looks for opportunities to discover and develop valuable natural resource properties in the United States and throughout the World. The company will get its production and revenues through joint ventures or retained royalties on developed properties, enabling it to keep liabilities and expenses low, and profit and potential high.

Bullion Monarch Mining Inc. is a natural resource company that acquires mining properties to explore and develop. Bullion's goal is to see the properties produce through joint ventures, leases, or sales. Bullion Monarch has recently undergone a re-organization and is now known as Bullion Monarch Mining, Inc.

The original Bullion Monarch Company was founded in 1948. M.M. & S. Exploration Company, founded by Robert D. Morris Sr., merged with Bullion in 1969 and became the successor and management. M.M. & S. was a pioneer in the famous Northern Nevada, “Carlin Gold Belt”. They were the first company to realize most of the gold in the area was invisible to the naked eye. The Company constructed and operated the first two extraction plants in the Carlin Trend, the Bootstrap, and the Blue Star Mines. They were instrumental in bringing Newmont Mining into the area and sold them some of their first Carlin properties.

Bullion has been very successful throughout its history at finding properties, but has always been undercapitalized.  Bullion now has a revenue stream which will give it capital needed to be more successful in negotiations with other companies and development of its current and future properties. Bullion Monarch Mining Inc, having completed the reorganization and with reliable revenues from royalties, good properties, and solid management, looks forward to a promising future.

Bullion believes it has excellent mining properties in Northern Nevada and throughout the Western United States. Newmont's new, large Leeville underground mine and he East Ore Body Mine are currently producing royalty payments to Bullion.

The company acquired a 60% interest in EnShale, Inc. in 2005 in order to profit from the growing demand for oil by mining and processing oil shale into oil products. Bullion believes it has found an underappreciated asset in oil shale. There is more than two times the world’s known supply of oil contained in the mahogany zone of oil shale in Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado.  While most oil companies are trying to figure out new ways to pump oil from the shale in the ground, EnShale, with Bullion’s expertise in mining, has developed a new technology to process and recover oil from the oil shale.

The Company currently has under lease 4,650 acres of oil shale property in the mahogany zone. The USGS has reported that the oil contained in the oil shale properties is approximately 667 million barrels of oil. With current market prices for crude oil of approximately $90.00 a barrel, management believes they have an extremely valuable minable resource and with EnShale’s technology for extraction, Bullion is excited about the prospects of this project.
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