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Wednesday | 06 December 2006
Geo Finance
Interview with GeoFinance's Chief Finance Officer,
Mr. John Arnold


Geo Finance Corporation
Suite 550 – 141 Adelaide Street West
Toronto, Ontario, M7N 6Y5

Phone: (416) 364-9170
Fax:  (416) 304-0669

Website: http://www.geofinancecorp.com


Mr. John Arnold, CA

Mr. Arnold has acted as a management consultant to numerous public and rivate companies in the forestry, mining, technology and energysectors and was the Chairman, Chief Financial Officer and a director of some public companies listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange.

Mr. William Bateman

Kavanagh Bateman, Barristers & Solicitors. Mr. Bateman Has acted for numerous companies both private and publicly traded as corporatecounsel, a director and officer for over 35 years.

Mr. Dave Eckert

Mr. Eckert founded Canadian Firelog. He has formed a consulting company that examines technological viability and supervises the development and construction of these types of projects.

Mr. Norman Gidney, C.B.E.

Norman is an internationally recognized financier and business
development expert. He has restructured and assisted in the
development of numerous publicly and privately held corporations in the U.S. and Europe.

Mr. Mark Wood

Mr. Wood holds a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering Degree, from the Georgia Institute of Technology, a Master of Science in Ocean Engineering from Florida Atlantic University. Mark has served over 25 years as a Naval Flight Officer. He has over 30 years hands onexperience in High Tech R&D, Business Development, Product Development and Marketing.

Chris Hovey, Tom Sadler, John McCredie, Lorne James
Geo Finance (OTO: GEFI) is in the business of off-setting the high capital cost associated with installing "Green Technology" Applications in multi-unit buildings.
Geo Finance Corporation has been created to procure and finance GeoExchange heating/cooling fields throughout North America. GeoExchange has the recognition and support of all government sectors. A management team of highly experienced professionals has been assembled to develop a "Green" finance & leasing company with very unique operating and financial strategies. The management team has completed a comprehensive due diligence and analysis that demonstrates the strong viability of the leasing model, significant growth and an attractive potential return on investment.

Geo Finance Corporation has developed a new and comprehensive strategy designed to generate over $2.7 M in EBITDA within 36 months.

Primary elements of the strategy include;
  • Targeting the operating budgets of Federal, State & Municipal agencies;
  • Secondary targeting of only the most secure and marketable "Green" buildings;
Provision of capital for mid to upper sized contractors, on a region by region basis, for bondable construction projects.
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