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Monday | 24 March 2008

1At Emerging Issuer, we not only find companies for our investors to review; we also help to build market awareness and visibility. Emerging Issuer takes a multi-media approach to encouraging all our clientele's corporate growth. We offer everything you need from an Investor/Public Relations Firm.

Our team of Professionals will help our client companies achieve a fair market value by Ensuring that both Shareholders & Prospective Investors as well as members of the financial community are aware of your specific Corporate Goals. We make certain that all of our potential investors in the financial community are aware that your companies investment potential and objectives are seen and reported on.

We also focus our energy on finding small and micro-cap stocks that are in position to build shareholder equity. The companies chosen to be profiled by Emerging Issuer are premier, under-investigated names with absolute financial potential. Emerging Issuer grows simply by helping your company get visibility. When discovered by our technical writers, these properly positioned companies are investigated in the fullest, with looks at past performance as well as an eye on the future. After a comprehensive discovery, any pertinent information is sent out to a select but expansive audience in Europe and in Asia. Our vmails are updated daily to give our members a reliable source of information on what's next on Wall Street.

Our Investor Relations Services Include:

Interviews: We put together an extensive media interview with one of our analysts and the head of the Company. Our Interviews are simply the best and cover every aspect of the company and its upside potential. From start to finish we make sure we get the answers that every investor wants to know to make the best investment decision.

Periodical Profiles: With our extensive research team we put together the perfect research report that cuts out all of the boring non-important information and gets straight to the point. We analyze everything from the company's key fundamentals, technical analysis, the industry/sector itself, financials and much more. From all of this information we come up with the perfect profile so our investors understand the company fully and its upside potential clearly.

1bVMAIL Alerts: With just one click we are able to get all of this information on your company into thousands of serious investors email inboxes in Europe and Asia. This creates huge exposure for our clients as well as increases shareholder value. Once the vmail campaign is started we then answer any questions submitted to us from our members. We have been highly effective with our vmails and reports. Our database targets every audience from short term to long term investors. This audience includes subscribers, investors, as well as fund managers, brokers, etc.

Direct Mailings: By integrating Direct Mail into your overall marketing campaign, you will be able to directly target your investors while reinforcing your existing marketing efforts. A simple Direct Mail piece can be the motivation that gets current and potential investors to take a second look at your stock.

Website Advertising: We can design a professional IR/PR website for your specific company and make sure the whole investment community is aware of your web presence. We spend day and night advertising your IR/PR website all over the most highly trafficked financial websites for incredible investor awareness. We have had tremendous success with this.

Public Relations: We at Emerging Issuer are always trying to come up with new ways to create good publicity for our clients. From Search Engine Optimization (SEO) our connections make sure we create the most exposure for our clients. All of this helps shape a positive image for your company and creates more ammunition to help with the rest of our IR/PR campaign.

1cAt Emerging Issuer we take Investor Relations to the next level. We customize a perfect fit for your company. While we actively reinforce your company's brand name and past accolades and achievements, we also drive a foremost point home: that your company, with the help of Emerging Issuer is poised to build market awareness and visibility now. Unlike most firms, we don't take a "cookie cutter" approach to investor relations. We tailor campaigns to best suit what you are looking to accomplish as a company. All our programs are made specifically to assist you, whether it be bringing in new investors, gaining market exposure, or shareholder base. Furthermore, we have an audience guaranteed to be interested in hearing what we have to say about investing in your company. By creating an outstanding track record of good investments with thousands of investors, we are no more than an v-mail away from exciting scores of individuals with news of your company. Good advertising is one thing; a vast, easy-to-reach audience is another thing altogether. At Emerging Issuer, we allow a client company and potential investor great advantages all at the same time. 

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