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Wednesday | 06 December 2006
IDGlobal Corporation
Interview with IDGlobal Corporation's VP for Sales & Mktg.,
Mr. Phil Viggiani.
IDGlobal Corporation
#6 1925 Kirshner Road
Kelowna, BC V1Y 4N7

Phone: (250) 862-8933
Fax:     (250) 862-8322

Marc Hamilton
Chief Operating Officer

Daryl Regier
President, CEO Dir.

Phil Viggiani
VP Sales & Mktg.

Estimated Market Capital: 13,378,529 (as of Feb 14, 2008)
Shares Outstanding: 68,607,839 (as of July 23, 2007)
Authorized Shares: 250,000,000 (as of July 23, 2007)

IDGLOBAL Corporation (OTC: IDGJ) is incorporated in the State of Nevada with administration offices and a Secure Facility (Secret Clearance) Laboratory in Kelowna,B.C., Canada.

The  primary growth vehicle for IDGLOBAL is the high security document and anti counterfeiting business in addition to the corporate loss prevention business which the founders have been engaged in for the last several years.

The International  Anti Counterfeiting Coalition (IACC), a trade group focused on reducing counterfeiting, estimates counterfeit goods account for 7-10 % of the total world GDP, and that US business alone loses $200 Billionannually due to counterfeit products. IDGLOBAL has a unique set of skills intagging and detecting codes embedded in products. This capability allows our customers to verify the authenticity, source and proper use of their products, in the field, in real time.

IDGLOBAL's  technique of brand authentication and  anti-counterfeiting is useful to any product that is likely to be counterfeited (e.g. consumer brands, specialty chemicals, currency, important documents) or any product that has significant safety related applications (e.g. aircraft parts, military parts). Numerous fatal automobile and aircraft  accidents have been attributed to counterfeit parts. While the total market size for our line of products is not easily measured due to the scale and economic impact of the counterfeit problem, the potential economic value to IDGLOBAL's customers is in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Rather than simply marketing a product to their clients, IDGLOBAL has developed comprehensive programs that provide a complete forensic trail for the life or ownership of an asset or product when implemented as prescribed.

The Officers, Directors, and Advisory Board members have all been chosen for their particular expertise and bring a great deal of know-how and industry persuasion across many fields to the company. The Head office is located in Kelowna, British Columbia and operates out of a facility specifically designed and constructed to meet secure government security standards. All inspections have been completed and the facility is cleared to conduct testing on sensitive government documents. 


IDGLOBAL provides a range of leading technologies specifically designed to provide private enterprise and governments 100% solutions to their Counterfeiting infections and Loss Prevention/Anti-Theft security programs. IDGLOBAL's Nano-Molecular Markers/Tags™ are specifically designed for global anti-counterfeiting applications and its IDFORENSIX™ products provide Loss Prevention/Anti-Theft solutions for the annual $800 billion Anti-Counterfeiting and Loss Prevention markets. IDGLOBAL is a forward-looking company with a robust R&D program and product development and integration program for the purpose of providing next-generation Nano-based and leading-edge Anti-Counterfeiting products and Security solutions.

Nano-Molecular, Nano-Molecular Markers, Nano-Molecular Tags and IDFORENSIX are registered trademarks of IDGLOBAL Corp. All Rights Reserved.

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