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Tuesday | 10 October 2006
Atlas Mining Company
Atlas Mining Company
Interview with Atlas Mining Company's President and CEO,
Mr. William T. Jacobson.
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Atlas Mining Company
630 East Mullan Avenue
Osburn, ID 83849
United States - Map

Phone: 208-556-1181
Toll Free: 800-356-6463
Fax: 208-556-6741


William T. Jacobson
President and CEO

Mr. Jacobson has worked directly in the mining industry for over 12 years. He also spent 15 years in the banking industry. He graduated with a B. S. in Business Administration from the University of Idaho in 1971 and is a member of the Northwest Mining Association.

Ron Short
Operations Manager
Prior to starting his mining career in 1969, Ron studied engineering at Whitworth College. His experience in the mining business has taken through all aspects of mining and geological work to VP and General Manager for several western US mines. Ron assists the company in bidding and estimating as well as overseeing all projects.

Frank Fausett
Operations Supervisor, Atlas Mining & Atlas Fausett
Mr. Fausett oversees all aspects of mining and civil contracting work, as well as helps in the bidding process. Prior to joining Atlas Mining, he was a project manager for Fausett Mine Services, Inc., and has worked on a wide range of civil and mining projects.

Originally established in 1924, Atlas Mining Company (OTCBB: ALMI) is an exploration stage natural resource and mining company. Atlas became fully registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and began trading on the Over the Counter Bulletin Board in 2002.

Upon becoming president and CEO of Atlas Mining Company in 1997, William Jacobson established a set of goals that has guided the company ever since. In an effort to diversify its revenue base, Atlas has moved beyond its historical focus on precious metals. It now provides contracting services for other mining companies, conducts timber harvesting operations on its properties and is moving into the industrial minerals sector.

Atlas Fausett Contracting, a division of Atlas, is a leading mining contracting company in the Idaho silver belt. Atlas controls approximately 1,000 acres in northern Idaho, and harvests the timber on this property to generate additional revenues.

The Company's current focus, however, is on the Dragon Mine property in Juab County, Utah. This project represents an opportunity for the Company, and its investors, to profit from a unique situation: the only known deposit of halloysite clay in North America that is large enough to be mined commercially.

Business Summary
Atlas Mining Company is a mineral and timber resource company. The Company owns properties in Idaho and Mexico and seeks to mine silver, copper, cobalt, gold, lead, and other precious metals. The Company also provides contract-mining services, specialized civil construction services for mine operators, exploration companies, and the construction and natural resource industries through the trade name Atlas Fausett Contracting.
Halloysite is a high-value clay that sells for more than $400 per ton. Its fine particle size enables halloysite to be used extensively as a suspension agent in glaze preparations. The purity of the clay and the low iron and titania content result in ceramic ware with exceptional whiteness and translucency. Therefore, halloysite clay is typically used in the manufacture of porcelain, bone china and fine china. A small but increasing amount is also used for high-tech ceramic applications. Other potential applications identified by ALMI include uses in filters, inkjets, and as an ingredient in special paints applied to ships that prevent barnacles from growing on the ships' hulls.

Atlas Mining controls the only known commercial source of halloysite outside of New Zealand: the Dragon Mine site in Juab County, Utah. The Dragon is under a lease purchase agreement with Chester Mining Company. Industry experts from The Phlogiston Company concluded "The grain size and lack of significant impurity make Dragon Mine halloysite superior to products currently on the market." Scanning electron microscope photos and chemical analysis show that the raw material is nearly pure halloysite. Therefore, Atlas should have both geographical and qualitative advantage when serving North American customers
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