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Friday | 06 October 2006
Infotec Business Systems, Inc.
Infotec Business Systems, Inc.
Interview with Infotec Business Systems' CEO,
Mr. Arthur Griffiths
Infotec Business Systems, Inc.
Suite #230 - 1122 Mainland Street,
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6B 5L1

Phone: 604-682-1442

Arthur Griffiths

Ed Clunn

Lorne Milne
Vice President

Art Bacon
Manager of Los Angeles Operations

Stanley W. McKiernan
Corporate Counsel

Johnny De Lima

Trevor Clunn
IT Manager

Ashlea Spitz
Creative Director

Kimberly Komarniski
Production Manager

Jonathan Blake

Hayley Wright
Studio Support
Infotec Business Systems, Inc. (OTCBB: IFTC), through its wholly owned subsidiaries Galaxy Networks Inc., Nextposure.com and Wavelit.com, is a leading global provider of video streaming media and digital IP content.

Infotec has fully tested its new point of presence location in the Quinby Building in Los Angeles, California – firmly establishing a foundation for the delivery of our services on a global scale.

The site provides Infotec the ability to directly access all major Internet carriers and hundreds of Satellite TV stations, enables operations to be quickly scaled to meet future demands and dramatically reduces the cost of content delivery.
WAVELIT.COM (http://www.wavelit.com)
Building from the incredible success of the company's famed 'EagleCam', Wavelit.com will feature a full spectrum of channels containing live wildlife experiences, children's educational programming, the finest in financial news, and movies that would normally not be available to such a large audience.

Wavelit.com will cover international film festivals and display a quality that Hollywood sometimes lacks in lieu of large budgets. Wavelit.com will feature the best in sports entertainment making local and global events such as cricket matches, professional rugby, Ivy League sports teams and extreme sports all accessible from the comfort of your own home.

GALAXY NETWORKS (http://www.yourgalaxy.com)
Galaxy Networks is a provider of cutting edge third generation streaming video technologies and proprietary software that combine to provide a TV quality viewing experience over the Internet.

Galaxy’s industry leading software selects and assembles stored content and converts it from separate digital files into a single, continuous and seamless programming block for playback or broadcast. The software and management systems have been designed with ease of use in mind, allowing anyone with a broadband connection to broadcast their message to thousands of viewers worldwide.

Galaxy’s technologies manage large volumes of entertainment programming while providing content archive, search, access and serve capabilities.

Galaxy has optimized the delivery of streaming video to provide unparalleled levels of speed and clarity, even when viewed in full screen mode. Quickly becoming an industry giant, Galaxy continues to set the standard in leading edge video streaming technology.
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