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Friday | 06 October 2006
Imperia Entertainment, Incorporated
Imperia Entertainment, Inc.
James Hergott - President
 Date:  Mon, March 20, 2006
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Interview with Imperia Entertainment's CEO and President,
Mr. James Hergott
Imperia Entertainment, Inc.
Beverly Hills, CA
United States

Phone: 310-275-0089

James Hergott

While in college at York University, Hergott started his own business, a 1-900 job line servicing all of Canada. His new venture skyrocketed, and he even turned his dorm room into his corporate headquarters, but he never lost his true passion for filmmaking. In 1999, his biggest break yet came when he met Hollywood producer Tarquin Gotch at the Toronto Film Festival. Gotch was so impressed with Hergott's tenacity and love of filmmaking that he took him under his tutelage. Together they developed the Showtime biopic "Call Me Donald" on real estate mogul Donald Trump. The collaboration garnered national media attention for Hergott in the industry cornerstone Variety which reported "Young Buck, Plays Trump Card" in their April 1999 issue. The Don himself also praised Hergott's work and in a personal letter to the young filmmaker, Mr. Trump wrote that he was "extremely talented" and wished him the best in his "burgeoning career."

Hergott also went on to co-write the feature film "Brothers" with Gotch, which is scheduled to begin production in Canada in early 2006. The partnership led to the co-founding of Steinberg Gotch Entertainment with Hergott, Gotch and famous sports agent Leigh Steinberg.

In 2004, Hergott went solo with the production and direction of his first feature film "All That I Need." The film debuted at the Cannes International Film Festival Market in 2005 as part of a roster of films presented by Beverly Hills production company Imperia Entertainment. Following the success of the film at Cannes, Imperia executives decided to offer Hergott the presidency of the company, a challenge he eagerly accepted.

Kenneth Eade
Kenneth Eade has been engaged in the practice of corporate and securities law since 1988, doing public and private offerings, SEC filings, blue sky state filings, mergers and acquisitions, and helping small to medium sized development stage companies to obtain quotations of their securities on recognized quotation mediums. From 1987 through 1998, he was engaged in the practice of general law, emphasizing corporate and securities law. From 1980 through 1987, Eade was engaged in the practice of general law, including business and corporate law, bankruptcy liquidation and reorganization, civil litigation and criminal litigation. Eade wrote, directed and produced episodes of "Autograph" and "Faces & Names" as executive director, from 1999 through 2003, and served as Executive Producer of feature films since 2004.

Imperia Entertainment, Inc. (OTC: IPRE) is a company which has emerged as a player in the area of independent film production and distribution, once monopolized by the major film studios. In conjunction with its distribution subsidiary, Imperia International Distribution, the company engages in investing in and producing and distributing full-length feature films. Along with its equity interest in "All That I Need" (www.allthatineed.net), released in theaters in December of 2005, and which was realeased on DVD February 18, 2006, its feature film in production, "Say It In Russian", written by Larry Gross ("True Crime", "48 Hours", "Another 48 Hours''), directed by Jeff Celentano ("Primary Suspect", "Gunshy'') and edited by David Rawlins ("Saturday Night Fever''), and "Whiskers", the family movie about an intelligent seal, produced by Jordan Klein ("Flipper", "Jaws", "Splash''), the Company has amassed an impressive media library, including the award-winning "Autograph'' television series (http://www.autograph.tv), which airs on the Colours Television Network, and the newly acquired "Faces and Names'' television series.

Say It In Russian (http://www.sayitinrussianmovie.com) is a feature film that is currently in post-production. Agata Gotova is the author of the screenplay of "Say It in Russian", which is loosely based on her life story. The director is Jeff Celentano, who directed Diane Lane in "Gunshy," and it will be edited by David Rawlins, who edited such major films as "Saturday Night Fever," "The China Syndrome" and "Urban Cowboy."

Never Submit (http://www.neversubmit.com) is a movie which portrays the thrill of victory and agony of defeat within the sport of mixed martial arts. The story is set in a tournament setting similar to the movie "Bloodsport" but rather than exploiting the sport as underground no-holds-barred fighting, it seeks to portray the sport in a realistic and positive light. The movie will be an inspirational tale similar to "Rocky." Unlike "Rocky" the lead character is an educated young man, rather than a beaten-down punch-drunk fighter. Mr. Hergott comments, "MMA is a very intellectual sport. A physical chess match. I want to portray the sport and its fighters as intelligent rather than dumb brawlers, as is often done in other movies."

Whiskers (http://www.whiskersmovie.com) is a family film about an intelligent seal, in danger of being euthanized for scientific study, who is released by a researcher’s young daughter. As he is pursued by the "bad guys," Whiskers has various adventures with a family, and the young girl, who finds her first love through Whiskers. Whiskers is produced by Academy Award Winner Jordan Klein ("Flipper," "Jaws," "Splash").

Brothers (http://www.highbeam.com/doc/1G1-136630045.html), a comedy in the vein of “Napoleon Dynamite” and “Bad Santa”, is a dark comedy that explores small town prejudices and the hardships of growing up being different. It teaches tolerance, but in a way that is highly entertaining and funny. Produced by Tarquin Gotch, the Executive Producer of “Home Alone,” the most successful comedy film of all time, “Brothers” is scheduled to begin filming in the Spring.
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