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Friday | 06 October 2006
Torrent Energy Corporation
Torrent Energy Corporation
Interview with Torrent Energy's CEO and President,
Mr. John D. Carlson, P. Eng
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Torrent Energy Corporation
4100-194th Street SW
Suite 110
Lynnwood, WA 98036
United States

Phone: 1-800-676-TREN (8736)

Mark G. Gustafson, C.A.
Chairman of Torrent Energy Corporation

John D. Carlson, P. Eng
President and CEO of Torrent Energy Corporation
Director of Methane Energy Corp. and Cascadia Energy Corp.

George L. Hampton III, MSc. - Geology
Director of Torrent Energy Corporation

Michael D. Fowler, B. Sc., MBA
Chief Financial Officer & Corporate Secretary

Steven P. Pappajohn, Geologist
President and Director of Methane Energy Corp.
Director of Cascadia Energy Corp.

David J. May, B. Sc.
Vice-President Exploration of Methane Energy Corp. and
Cascadia Energy Corp.

Tom Kerestes
Vice President Operations of Methane Energy Corporation

Loran C. Wiese
Coos County Project Manager for Methane Energy Corp.

Bruce Nurse
Corporate Communications for Torrent Energy Corporation
Torrent Energy Corporation (OTCBB: TREN) is a Colorado-based energy company. Torrent is committed to pursuing unconventional natural gas niche opportunities with primarily a North American focus. Torrent conducts its business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

The Company actively seeks community participation in all their projects. Torrent's wholly owned subsidiary, Methane Energy Corp., is an Oregon-based exploration company that is pioneering the exploration for natural gas contained in the coalbed seams of the Coos Bay Basin. The Company currently has a land portfolio that is in excess of 100,000 acres of highly-prospective land in the Coos Bay area. The Company is also currently evaluating the potential of the Chehalis Basin of southwestern Washington through its Washington subsidiary, Cascadia Energy Corp., where the Company has a land portfolio that includes over 115,000 acres.

Bussiness Summary
Torrent Energy Corporation is engaged in the acquisition, exploration and development of natural gas and coalbed methane properties in the United States. Its current focus is on the exploration of the Coos Bay Basin project in Oregon.
The Coos Bay Basin is located along the Pacific coast in southwestern Oregon, approximately 200 miles south of the Columbia River and 80 miles north of the California border. The onshore portion of the basin is elliptical in outline and covers over 250 square miles.

Based on existing data, it is estimated that up to 100,000 onshore acres in the Coos Bay Basin are prospective for coalbed methane and conventional natural gas production.

Year-round access is excellent via logging and fire control roads maintained by the U.S. Forest Service and timber industry. Numerous potential drill site locations have already been constructed as timber recovery staging areas, and are available to be utilized in the Company's pilot well program.

The Coos Bay Basin is a structural basin formed by folding and faulting that preserves a portion of coal-bearing sediments deposited on an extensive, middle Eocene-age, swampy coastal plain. The coal-bearing sandstones and siltstones of the Upper Eocene Coaledo formation are estimated to form a section approximately 6,600 feet thick. The Basin has multiple seams of coal, many of which contain coalbed methane.

Natural Gas Market and Coal Gas Resource

Sproule: Coos Bay Report (PDF, 853 Kb)
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