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Friday | 06 October 2006
Transnational Automotive Group, Inc.
Transnational Automotive Group, Inc.
Interview with Transnational Automotive Group's
Chairman and CEO, Mr. Joseph W. Parker
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Transnational Automotive Group, Inc.
Columbia Tower
701 5th Avenue
Suite 4200
Seattle, WA 98104
United States

Phone: 206-262-7413


The management team has over 100 years of combined experience in managing the marketing and sales, manufacturing and distribution of automobiles as well as first hand experience in transportation asset management and utilization. The management team is complemented with an impressive core staff with expertise in engineering; automotive engineering, sales, and distribution; foreign languages; international business; international and US politics; and finance.

Joseph W. Parker
Chairman and CEO

Mr. Philip T. Klapakis
President and Chief Operating Officer
Director, Vice Pres. Business Development, and Treasurer

Don Durand
President, Africa Operations

Ralph J. Thomson, Ph.D., MALD, MA
Chairman of the Board

William T. Jacobson

Seid Sadat

Henry Huber


Transnational Automotive Group, Inc. (TAUG) (OTCBB: TAMG.OB), a Nevada corporation, is a transportation management, sales and manufacturing company that has been established through key acquisitions of transportation and automotive businesses. TAUG is headquartered in Seattle, with initial International operations rolling out in Cameroon, Tunisia, Niger, and the Philippines.

Completed transportation contracts in excess of $USD 150 million
Opening two operational factories in Africa
Acquired Cameroon's existing bus transportation infrastructure

To establish a new paradigm for the transportation industry of developing countries with next generation low-cost and energy efficient engines, parts and vehicles.

To become a leading provider of transportation management, and vehicle sales in the developing world.

Proven Leaders
Our management team has extensive knowledge of the transportation and auto industries and vehicle manufacturing processes. This knowledge, coupled with our experience in foreign countries as well as established relationships with many leaders, inspired the Company's vision.

Cameroon Tribune (Yaoundé)
Two of the 13 lines programmed for Yaounde, go operational.

Yaoundé Launches American Urban Transport System
The launching of “Le Bus” on September 25, 2006, marked an end to the two-decade stretch without an organized system of public buses for the city of Yaoundé.

Le Bus Magazine - First Edition
The inhabitants of the City of Yaoundé, Republic of Cameroon have expressed happiness to see a new modern urban bus service start operation. This new bus service, they say, is certainly going to solve the transportation problems in the fast growing city of Yaoundé.

Transportation Management Group (TMG)
The TMG assumes the management, operation and asset utilization of government-run transportation infrastructure. The group will be assuming control over its first urban and rural bus service in Cameroon.

Sales & Assembly Group (SMG)
The SMG sells, manufactures and/or delivers vehicles to developing countries. It currently has the following projects:
Provision of military vehicles in Niger. LOI value $3M.
Establishment of an assembly factory in Cameroon.

The R&D Group
The R&D Group is responsible for commercializing advanced automotive technology that will provide the company with alternative energy motor vehicles to sell worldwide. The R&D Group has acquired technologies that will be integrated into “Super Hybrid” vehicles with ranges of up to 400 miles on a charge, costing less than a full sized SUV, or full-sized pickup truck. Some of these technologies include:
Electric Vehicles
Internal combustion radial engines
Multi-fuel rotary engines


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