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Monday | 24 April 2006

About Us - ArticlesEmergingIssuer.com, is owned and managed by Bookkeeper International Equities Corp. It is an online financial destination where money managers, analysts and individual investors can go to watch and discover new and exciting investment opportunities. We are focused on finding and presenting emerging growth companies that do not have widespread analyst coverage on Wall Street. To the extent that we are constantly looking for unique investment opportunities that can help serious investors increase their returns on a well balanced portfolio, our mandate is to help emerging issuers expand their reach to the Investment Community.

The idea of investing in young, rapidly growing companies has great appeal because it can be so rewarding. Almost everyone has heard stories about investors who have made small fortunes buying stock in great companies when they were small and not yet well known, and most of their growth and stock appreciation was still ahead of them. But this is a difficult and risky style of investing, as many small companies falter and never produce the kind of growth that is expected of them.

About Us - ClockThis type of investing is not for everyone. In order to be successful in this higher risk/reward environment, our analysts work diligently to find the right opportunities at the right time. Quite often this means we will be focusing on sectors where Main and Wall Street meet, but we certainly will not limit ourselves to these areas alone. Plain and simple, we are interested in finding pure growth stories.

And because emerging growth companies do not live in a vacuum and are affected by everyday events such as interest rates, the economy, and general business conditions, we will provide daily recaps of all the news that we feel is relevant to your investment decision making. Don't forget to peruse the RESEARCH REPORTS after watching the INTERVIEWS.

About Us - KeyEmerging Issuer.com believes that every investor is different and each has his or her own risk profile. No single portfolio should consist entirely of emerging growth stocks, but a reasonable allocation put towards these stocks can help to increase overall long term investment results. It is our goal to assist our members in finding those up and coming companies whose stocks are poised for superior shareholder equity appreciation.

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