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Wednesday | 18 February 2009
Proton Laboratories Inc. Banner
Interview with Proton Laboratories Inc. CEO,
Mr. Jim Wheeler.



980 Atlantic Avenue
Suite 110
Alameda, CA 94501

Phone: 888-548-3002

Fax: 888-548-3004



Jim Wheeler, President, CEO

Proton Laboratories Inc., (PLBI.PK), a biotechnology company that develops GREEN solutions utilizing electrolyzed water for both residential and commercial applications. Based in California, Proton Laboratories is a GREEN biotechnology company that develops new practical applications for electrolyzed water. The company alters the properties of water via electrolysis with electrolyte separation. Based upon proven technology, science, engineering, product design, and products that have been successfully developed over the past decade.
Proton Laboratories is a BioTech-focused company specializing in the development and marketing of industrial, environmental and residential systems and applications that alter the properties of water to produce Functional Water. The process that is utilized to accomplish this is electrolysis with electrolyte separation. Based upon the new science,engineering, product design and products that have been successfully developed by our Japanese counterparts, the Company will expand its current marketing efforts of this concept in the North American markets and with future expansion to a European market.

Functional electrolyzed water has been studied and used in Japan for the past 46 years and the Japanese have become world experts in this technology.All systems that are imported by the Company are of the highest level of design, engineering, safety, reliability and user friendliness. The Company and its core advisory members have invested considerable resources during the past 10-year period to fully understand the technology, science, market implications and the far-reaching benefits that are gained from the use of Functional Electrolyzed Water.

Proton Laboratories is in possession of an array of applications that ensure food safety, address microbial concerns, provide non-chemical agricultural medium, provide medical-grade sterilization, structure safe and healthy drinking water, and provide a cache of industry-related uses of a highly-efficacious and safe medium.
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