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Thursday | 05 June 2008
Zippi Networks Inc Banner
Interview with Zippi Networks Inc. CEO,
Mr. Robert Rositano


560 S. Winchester Blvd.
Suite 500
San Jose, CA 95128

Phone: 408-884-2020
Fax: 408-884-2021


Robert Rositano Jr., CEO

Dean Rositano, President

Christina Temple, Controller
Zippi(TM) Networks, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: ZIPI), headquartered in San Jose, Calif., has created a revolutionary business process (three US Patents Pending), together with the ease of hand-held mobile technology, social networking, and the ability to recycle that empowers a new generation of online sellers. Founded in 2006, Zippi promises to engage consumers with an easy toll free telephone number designed to allow everyone an easy hassle free way of selling items online; by phoning 1-877-GO-ZIPPI an item owner can receive a quick "mini appraisal" through the "Ask Zippi" appraisal system. Zippi connects this appraisal with the appropriate Zipster (eBay seller) who handles the entire transaction.

The strength of the eBay community resides in eBay's very own message "the power of all of us." Until Zippi each and every eBay seller has been very careful not to give away selling secrets, creating competition within the eBay marketplace. Zippi embraces the power of many, allowing each "Zipster" to build teams on eBay with "Zippi TeamBuilder(TM)" allowing a Zipster to scale earnings and eliminate competition by building team members, which has never been allowed within the eBay community, until now with Zippi!
Zippi’s infrastructure automates commission payouts (through Pay Pal), item owner checks cut directly upon sale, formalized commission structures, automation tools, bonuses, team member performance tracking, as well as supporting the “Zipster” community with corporate sponsored marketing programs.

With over 200 million people looking for items to buy online and with annual revenues of over $44 billion in sales each year, eBay has become a significant force in the global marketplace. Zippi’s goal is to increase the currently diminishing seller base by giving everyday people an opportunity to sell their clutter and earn the cash they deserve. The old axiom “One person’s junk is another person’s treasure” is a truth played out every day on eBay. With Zippi’s simplified process, anyone can sell merchandise quickly.

Zippi Networks simplifies a typically complex process putting ease into the online auction selling system. Those who wish to sell merchandise, the clutter most people have stored, just call 1-877-GoZippi. A Zipster will then be chosen to service the pickup of the merchandise for listing on eBay, and when the item sells the item owner receives a check and the Zipster receives a commission. Zippi eliminates the competitive nature of selling merchandise in the marketplace and helps everyone benefit from the item owner, to the Zipster handling the transaction.
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